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Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

   Born and Raised in Texas, James’ love of art began in elementary school. And every art class he had in the duration of elementary school, then jr. high and high school, he excelled and won ribbons. At the age of 15, James was introduced to oil painting and his love of art grew to a whole new level. He continued to enter art shows and win ribbons, including the State Fair of Texas several years running.

After several decades of painting realism, James began to think that was an awful lot of time and effort to end up with something that could have been achieved in seconds with a camera. With the help of very talented art teachers, he switched over to acrylics and began to loosen up and use bright colors.  

Now James uses his imagination more than his eyes to create his view of the Texas Hill Country that he loves so much. He is having more fun painting than he ever thought possible. If he’s not painting, he's thinking about painting.

James’ work adorns walls from Houston to San Antonio to Fredericksburg, Texas and, of course, all around the DFW area where he lives. He hopes to one day move to the Texas hills, but until then he will continue to paint them in his own unique style.


Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

I was nine years old in a fourth-grade classroom, 1958-59. We had our crayons and Manila paper out, drawing. The teacher came to my desk and called the class around. He said he wanted to show us how to create motion in art. He proceeded to draw, on my paper, with my crayons, a man with his hat being blown off his head into the air with leaves flying. I remember thinking, "This is what I want to do." And from that day until this, I have been an artist.

I was introduced to oil painting in high school during the mid-sixties. From that point on, no matter what phase of life I went through, I always had art supplies, canvases and an easel. I have always had to paint and create art. 

My work has certainly morphed over the last fifty-plus years. In the early years I tried to make my paintings look like photographs. Until one day I realized, that's an awful lot of work to end up with something I could have achieved in seconds with a camera. Through some really good artists and teachers, I learned to loosen up and not fear bright colors. I also began to paint mostly with acrylics. My paintings became more fun to do and I'm enjoying the process more than I ever thought possible. Every new painting, I begin, becomes the road less traveled, a new adventure into what might be.


Artist's Statement


My studio is @ Rail Station Studios 1013 15th Place # 101 in downtown Plano, Tx. 75074

Phone: 214-403-9171

My paintings also hang at:  

Texcetera Gallery, 

207 N. Nugent in Johnson City, Texas 78636 

Phone: 830-868-2419

Wylie Art Gallery

201 N. Ballard Ave. #100

Wylie, Texas 75098

Phone: 972-922-8425

Cafe Bohemia

2320 Los Rios Blvd. #105

Plano, Texas 75074

Phone: 214-440-6057